Past, Present, Future . . . Now

by Megan Lau

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Created By: Megan Lau

Grade / Program: Grade 10

Teacher Name: Susan Richardson

Year Created: 2011

Media: Mixed Media

I got inspired to do this project when I asked my mother about my family history. I found out that my great grandfather from my mother’s side was a photographer. My grandparents emigrated from China to Canada when my mother was five years old. On my father’s side, my grandparents came to Canada when my father was seven years old.  The music on my art work mostly represents our generation now. Most of my cousins and siblings are related to music because they play a musical instrument. My family loves music as well. The picture of the world in between China and Vancouver shows that theses two places are not that far apart.


School / Organization

Magee Secondary School

Inspired by Biennale Artwork

(x) We, 2008

Event Name

2011 BIG IDEAS/Visual Arts, 2011 BIG IDEAS/Vancouver Exhibit


Photo by Sarah Whitlam

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