Simple Luck

by Helen Ang

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Created By: Helen Ang

Grade / Program: Grade 11

Teacher Name: Alex Ora

Year Created: 2011

Media: Ceramic, Sculpture

My choice of imagery is a hand holding a four-leaf-clover. From my research about Wang Shugang’s artwork I learned that "The Meeting" is about good luck and fortune. My project is trying to respect that good luck cannot be taken for granted. You have to give in order to receive, which is represented by the hole in the middle of the palm. This is a bit different than Wang’s piece where "The Meeting" focuses on bringing good luck, whereas my art piece "Simple Luck" suggests that you must share luck in order to receive. 


School / Organization

Vancouver Technical Secondary School

Inspired by Biennale Artwork

(x) Meeting

Event Name

2011 BIG IDEAS/Visual Arts, 2011 BIG IDEAS/Vancouver Exhibit


Photo by Sarah Whitlam

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