by Cheryl Li

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Created By: Cheryl Li

Grade / Program: Drawing & Painting 12

Teacher Name: Susan Jones

Year Created: 2011

Media: Mixed Media

Ask yourself this question- how many electronic devices per day do you use from morning till evening? In our world today, personal electronic devices are at an abundance and we rely greatly on these convenient little gadgets-perhaps we even rely on them a little too much. It seems that electronic devices have started taking over our lives, and I'm not referring to just literally either- I'm referring to the effect it has on our thoughts and mindset. Because of the abundance of information through our electronic devices, the attitudes of people have started becoming more mechanic, more impersonal. Everything is very precise and everyone strives for a unobtainable perfection. Wherever did the compassion, caring, and love our society once had go?


School / Organization

Vancouver Technical Secondary School

Inspired by Biennale Artwork

#12 King and Queen

Event Name

2011 BIG IDEAS/Visual Arts, 2011 BIG IDEAS/Vancouver Exhibit


Photo by Sarah Whitlam

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