by Jade Frampton

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Created By: Jade Frampton

Grade / Program: Grade 10

Teacher Name: Teresa Anton

Year Created: 2011

Media: Acrylic Paint

I chose Magdelena Abakanowicz's "Walking Figures" not just because I liked the piece but because I also liked her other art and her story stood out to me. Art was her escape route and sometimes I feel like it's mine too. Magdelena's life was filled with poverty and isolation and I think it shows in her art. In her work, even the figures that are together seem separated from each other. But they also seem connected at the same time. I showed that in my piece by drawing two separate figures that are connected by thin strands of flesh. I feel really isolated in my life right now and even the people that are close to me feel far away. I think this is partly because people's relationships with their friends and family and the people around them are faltering. The invisible ties, or threads that hold relationships together and keep people connected, are so fragile and so thin. By exposing those threads in my piece, I tried to show that fragility. The ties are also interconnecting and tangled to show how complicated relationships can be. Also, a lot of Magdelena's sculptures are headless, or mindless. To me, a lack of mind is a lack of depth and connection, and contributes to the fragility of relationships. It seems like people in this generation don't know each other or themselves enough to find that inner connection. The way to find that connection for me, is art, and I feel like that about Magdelena's art too.

School / Organization

Carson Graham High School

Inspired by Biennale Artwork

#08 Walking Figures

Event Name

2011 BIG IDEAS/Visual Arts, 2011 BIG IDEAS/North Vancouver Exhibit


Photo by Sarah Whitlam

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