by Miranda Walters

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Created By: Miranda Walters

Grade / Program: Grade 10

Teacher Name: Charlene Gavel

Year Created: 2011

Media: Watercolour

My watercolour is inspired by Yee Soo-Kyung’s “Ceramic Forms”.  My picture is trying to represent the culture around tea parties when women were expected to be seen and not heard.  In some ways, this is still the same, with women expected to be in the kitchen and the home.  Moreover, women’s opinions and rights are still lesser than they should be.  Women need to find their voice.

School / Organization

Argyle Secondary School

Inspired by Biennale Artwork

(x) Ceramic Forms

Event Name

2011 BIG IDEAS/Visual Arts, 2011 BIG IDEAS/North Vancouver Exhibit


Photo by Sarah Whitlam

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